Tonight I am a little upset with myself. Instead of working on the novel today, I have been compiling information for court that is coming up in November. The deadline for discovery is next week. I’m not an attorney, but due to my financial situation, I can’t afford one either. So I am making do the best that I can. This morning I was on hold for around 2.5 hours, navigating various phone trees. Some of which actually answered the call after a significant period of time.

The bummer is that writing is fulfilling, and today the only writing I did was writing I didn’t want to do. Things I am tired of. Exhausted by. Soul-crushing shit.

The other problem is by finishing a chapter late last night, I really hadn’t given much thought about what I wanted to work on today in the book. I guess I am accomplishing things right now that need to be done, but I don’t want to do. Which happens sometimes in life.

Maybe tomorrow I can divide my time a little bit better into what I have to do and what I have to do.

Some days are like this, I suppose. Right now it is late and I am very tired, and I need to think about things that aren’t court-related. There is a reason I am reminded why I never went into law. I absolutely hate it.