Frustration and Staying Frosty

So, I moved my travel blog (not that it will be getting any mileage in the foreseeable future, for obvious reasons) to WordPress. It was supposed to be a little cheaper, and the domain host that I had been using was not that great. All customer service was done by automated responses to keywords which directed me to a Tech Info Library.

So, I moved the domain.

Only to discover that none of the content moved with it. But because it never made it to Google, I can’t even use the wayback machine to copy and paste a year’s worth of content to the new site. It’s gone. All of it.

When life throws those kinds of things at you, all you can do is find the lesson in it. You see, I have a LiveJournal blog that I wrote on from 2007 all the way until pretty much the end of last year. All of that content is still there. Unlike the blog site I paid for, which is gone, never showed up on a Google search in spite of all the add ons and bullshit I paid for, and now it is so much pixelated dust.

The lesson here is write locally, upload globally.

Kinda the same with my book. You see, people are buying and potentially reading my book, but they are getting copies of it from sites on Amazon that aren’t my account because I never get paid for them. The Chinese are notorious for this. Copyright? What’s that? I’ve had many friends who find their works printed off from China and they never see a red cent.

The only bummer is that I probably no longer have a PDF of the finished copy of my book the way Createspace had it, because I could just go to Createspace and run off copies for cost and give them or sell them to people. I could buy three or sometimes four copies of my book for what Amazon wanted for just one. I did this a lot. Because I feel like it’s better to be read than it is to get rich.

I know I’m not going to get rich. Money-wise anyway. There are other kinds of wealth. Granted, I wouldn’t mind selling some writing to help pay the rent, which is why I write SEO content for companies. It is usually joyless work, but it is more fulfilling than changing the same classes over and over and over again for professors who don’t feel that working five days a week is for them. No, they do everything they can to shore up their teaching schedule into maybe three days so they get four day weekends.

This is why I’m going to be writing about the underbelly of the Ivory Tower soon enough. I have 18 years experience in this kind of fuckery. It’s time to share it with the world. There’s a good reason Higher Ed is failing right now. Why one of the biggest crises to hit the US is the student loan bubble. That’s why the Feds are looking to bail out loan holders right now. They painted themselves into a corner by not allowing bankruptcies, and rather than bring back debtors prison, they have to do something. Might as well winnow out the small remaining loans so they can continue to milk the big bulls.

This, my friends, is how you get the Great Depression II. Inflate loans people can’t pay (but keep issuing them) and then the bottom drops out of the economy. Boom. You now how an impoverished class. Or at least an economic crisis.

And this stimulus package to just pay everyone $1000 to $3000 dollars? It reminds me a lot of the German state in the 1920s. Lets just print off more money. What color deutchmarks would you like to plaster the bathroom with? I guess if they run inflation up, that toilet paper crisis in the US will be solved. Just go to the ATM machine!

Anyway, that is my dispatch today. Stay safe. Be patient. And be kind.


Yesterday while waiting in line at Dutch Bros. we watched the young lady behind us take selfies in her car for a good ten minutes solid. From the moment she pulled up behind us to the stoplight on the street in front of Dutch. It was unmistakable what she was doing. The angles. The posing. The coy looks into her phone. That whole “(fill in the blank) hair, don’t care” look. The pouty expressions. The duck lips. The “who me?” the “I’ll have me another coronavirus por favor” pose.

This was a woman possessed.

She must have spent more time on her hair and makeup to take pictures for the Insta than some people spend on their weddings. But contrary to the fact that I am taking the time to write about it, I have to say something about it. Because I’ve seen this kind of behavior SOOOO often working at a university.

Nobody cares about your instagram.

That guy sliding into your DMs? (“Direct messenger” for other people who don’t know or care what that means) He doesn’t care about them either. He’s just someone who wants to get into your pants and waste time on his next conquest.

Other than the risk she poses to other drivers on the road, I guess she wasn’t hurting anybody. Other than cringe-worthy levels of embarrassment on a scale of spilling coffee on your crotch to shitting yourself in an elevator, I would have to say this was up there with being de-pantsed in from of the Bear Valley Girls Soccer Team as a Freshman. *Note how the embarrassment scale is very pants-based.

I have a Facebook and an Instagram account. I really don’t care about either one. Facebook is useful for snarky comments nobody reads and posting recent links to my blog, which nobody reads. Some people maximize the use of these to help out with their social media footprint and self-promotion. I am not a 20 something girl who looks good in leggings and corsets, so the experience is probably not one that is going to do well with my assets. Which are snarky comments. Pithy one-liners. And pictures of me wearing goofy hats or smoking cigars that are going to get me calls from my mother.

I have been thinking of doing a pod-cast recently. I know I won’t ever get to Joe Rogan levels. My GF and and I just watched two of those yesterday. The format fascinates me. It reminds me of sitting around with friends BSing about everything. A long-form platform of communication, which unfortunately has retreated to AM radio where people just blather on about how much they hate the opposing political party.

My problems would be:

  • Equipment
  • Production
  • What would I talk about?
  • Guests…since I don’t get to have conversations with many people in person these days anyway.
  • How do you monetize this whole thing? I like to talk, but if I could get paid for it, that would be cool too.

Anyway, it’s just a thought. It would be sorta like what I am doing here, only with talking. I–like many of you–hate the sound of my own voice on a recording, so that might get old.

Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in listening to a podcast. In the next few months I’m going to have some time on my hands to work on it. Is it as self-aggrandizing as that girl posing in her car? Or is it something else? I’ve seen it go both ways, honestly. Unless they have interesting guests and a compelling conversation, I’m not really a fan for the most part.

Some changes

Over the last year, my efforts to do my travelblog have been hard and other than the writing and some of the feedback I get, not especially rewarding.  I’m thinking of leaving the webhosting service that I currently use, which gets no love on Google, and just keeping my URL and writing here on my service.

Keeping a dedicated site that gets no hits for $200+ per year is not worth the effort.  Not when there are free services.  I mean, hey, they don’t monetize, but neither does my site. Also, my independent site messes up photos, makes everything too big, and isn’t very user friendly.

So, fuck it.

If anyone has suggestions or reasons why I shouldn’t just move everything to a free site, please feel free to let me know.  The blog has been the most frustrating part of this whole process.  Not the writing.  Just the service.  I am not a fan.