On the road

Today I was on the road quite a bit. Sometimes I forget how meditative the experience is. Therapeutic.

I had a lot of errands to run in the city and since I got a late start, it was mid-afternoon before I even got where I needed to be. Part of my errands was unloading some things I didn’t need anymore. I was reluctant to let some of these things go because of the memories behind them and what they meant. But they have exceeded their usefulness and are just taking up space now. Now they can take up space for someone else.

Letting them go was not as hard as I thought.

I got coffee. Did some grocery shopping. Took Penny into a couple stores with me and she got lots of pets. She’s getting better with people. Less skitterish. Me too, Penny. Me too.

Sunset was beautiful. The Colorado sky was the color of bronze and lavender, streaked with so many fiery clouds. You only get skies like that here. Not saying they are better than anywhere else, just unique.

On the way out of town, I felt something break inside of me. It was a strange sensation. Unexpected. It felt peaceful. Unrelated to the stuff I got rid of, I felt myself let go of something else. I’ve felt that sensation before. That moment when you just…let go. I guess it was time.

I got home late. I’m not tired. Probably from all the coffee.

It was a day that felt a little like this.

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