Today felt like a setback

I should have known I was beating my head against the wall, but sometimes you have to take that risk. A new client came up today with a lot of assignments. They were also the kind of client that is very particular about what they want for a 1200 word post. Talk about cramming 10lbs of spuds into a five pound bag. But sometimes you take a risk with these clients and it pays off, they prefer you, and you open the door to a lot of assignments. At least until the well runs dry.

I wrote all afternoon and into the evening. Two 1200 word posts. By the second post, I was fried. I took a nap after outlining it, just to get my head back together. Then I finished it. Little cracks in their requests started to show and I wasn’t happy about it. Little details that usually mean a client is going to be ungrateful about a lot of the effort you put into things. Flake out. No matter that they basically asked me to plagiarize some other website that does the same thing. I don’t play that game.

But I had to try. Otherwise, it’s just money lying on the ground, and if you don’t reach down to take it, that’s on you.

After finishing the posts, I went through some of the items that weren’t selling. Come to find out, some of the customers are buying other posts and leaving the ones they don’t want on read. This throws off my projected income. Since the articles are usually so specialized and tailored to that customer, they will never sell. I can’t even recycle them to someone else. How many personal injury car accident attorneys in West Palm Beach, FL are on this platform? Just the one. It was an hour or two lost that I’ll never get back. I did the mental arithmetic and found that my anticipated payoff is a minimum of 30% less than I hoped, because clients couldn’t bother to reject posts they weren’t going to buy. They just walk away, ghosting those of us who did the work.

Most of them are attorneys. Sounds about right.

The client I wrote for today is more engineering/fabrication. They read it. They haven’t bought it yet. It could mean either an edit request or more of the same.

I have some stuff I need to sell, but I’m not hopefull that this is a fools errand. Nearly every time I’ve tried to lighten the load with stuff I never use anymore, I get lowballed or worse, they simply say they don’t want it. It’s not even worth the cost of fuel to get to the store. I’m getting sick of that too, like I’ll never be able to escape getting screwed over while someone else makes a profit at my expense.

I sent out some queries for freelance work, but that hardly ever pans out. People are bullshit at getting back to you. Silence is their answer. It didn’t used to be like this. People used to give you the common courtesy of at least a rejection as a response. Sometimes they might even give you a chance. It’s frustrating. Unnerving.

I’m going to start trying to market the book I wrote back in 2014 again, this time with mom and pop bookstores. The money is bad and the juice almost isn’t worth the squeeze. For a $14 book, I get to keep $8. And pay the store $45 per title for the privilege of using some of their shelf space. When I work on consigment, most of my profits, if any, are eaten up with fees and shipping expenses. If I want to do a signing, I’ll have to pay $60 for the day as well as the gas to drive over the pass and sit around for nobody to buy my damn book. I know of ten purchases Amazon has never paid me for, so I’m sick of their crap too.

Makes about as much sense as driving a couple hundred miles to be told my stuff isn’t worth buying or they might give me a store credit for a bunch of stuff I don’t want to buy from them either. Traditional publishing is full of gatekeepers now. I guess it always was, but nowadays, they are downright brazen about it.

Anyway, I’ve had worse days. I’m just getting tired of the laws of diminishing returns. I could use a break in the clouds. Maybe the drive will help clear my head.

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