Slow going

Work on the book lately has been editing, which is slow going. It’s a blow to the ego to edit your own work because as you go through, you realize that you are second-guessing nearly every choice you made at the beginning. I get that you are supposed to be writing it better and the edits will help with continuity, pacing, and an overall better reading experience. But it is mind-numbing work.

It’s a lot more fun to create when it comes to writing, and sometimes you get a wonderful sentence that just really sings out among the rest. Editing, gives you the ability to make them all sing, but in doing so, you find that gems like that become dull as everything else is polished. Sometimes you pull them out completely.

I take breaks every now and again to write during the editing process. You have to, unless you are an editor at heart, which is always about improving something, rather than creating completely. Or if you take the Muse approach, being that antennae for whatever story needs to be told which comes out of the aether to be made real by your hand. Either way, for me, editing is like fiber. It’s necessary, but not nearly as desireable as braised shortribs.

I’ve been cutting through a few scenes a day and as I work my way through, I begin to get a feel for the story overall and ways I can improve it and bits I no longer need. Like an archaeologist who works down through the layers with that toothbrush until you find a skeleton under all that stratum. It’s necessary, though it feels pointless a lot of the time. But I read the comments on a self-publishing Facebook group I subscribe to and I cannot begin to tell you the number of times I have facepalmed myself over comments about people self-publishing and then wondering if they hire and editor and release the eBook again will they get more readers.

Jeez. That’s a lot like someone making donuts and wondering if people will like the same donuts more of they bring back the uneaten pieces to get a glaze or sprinkles added. No. Editing is a must before anyone even buys a copy of your damn book. If you do it or if you pay someone to do it. I cannot imagine releasing a finished product into the wild like that. Ick. Just ick.

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