Watch Party

Today a friend of mine posted something that resonated with something I was thinking about tonight. It’s his story, so I won’t put it here. It isn’t mine to tell. But it did have something to do with watching a show by yourself which you used to watch with someone else. So it kind of tracks.

Tonight I’ve been racking my brain, trying to think of a TV show to watch. I wrote a new scene in the book (it doesn’t want to seem to quit) mostly inspired by some events recently that just…were very painful to watch unfold.

I got around 2700 words down. It was a nice scene that really connected with a concept I have had for the book, which is divergent paths and that pull of how another version of you might feel, still connected at some quantum level to you after a decision split you apart on a cosmic level.

I wanted to watch Everything Everywhere All At Once, but it isn’t out for rental or purchase in the US yet.

So, I’ve been searching my watchlist, and even up for a new rental.

I thought of a night last year in which I had a watch party with someone who is now gone. We stayed up all night watching Band of Brothers. At least the first five or six episodes. It was a very nice night. I miss that. Maybe in some other reality, we are snuggled up on the couch, watching something new. I don’t know.

I could use a night like that again. I guess, enjoy the nights you get like that while you can.