I have assignments to write today. Even though the wind is blowing like crazy, I am fighting an uphill battle with being motivated enough to work on them. I think mostly because this client is so particular with what I write and how I write it that I have been second-guessing myself as far as whatever I submit will be good enough. Which I guess by hiring a sub-scale agency to low-ball writers, I should already have enough confidence in my abilities vs. this cookie cutter stuff they are one step away from hiring a content bot to generate.

It’s a check and I need the money to come in. That’s it. It’s not The Grapes of Wrath. It’s money that pays for my unhealthy lifestyle choices lately that have probably pushed me into the 200+ lbs club once again. I need to exercise. I’ve been stressed. But right now I’m not finding a lot of opportunities to do that. I was going to rely on hiking and going places, but the price of gas is doing its part to keep me (and everyone else) at home.

If I was more of a conspiracy theorist, I would say the government has done everything it could for the last two and a half years to keep everyone at home. Hmmmm. Suspicious…

ANyway. I have to work. And sometimes keeping my butt in the chair to work means snacks. So I sit. And I snack. And sometimes I work.

Today I have to just bite the bullet and work. It’s blowing like a sonofabitch outside anyway, so it’s not like I’m missing anything. I expect snow by Monday. It is Memorial Day weekend in the mountains after all.