Today I worked on the synopsis and query letter for my book. The synopsis is a little long, at about 4,000 words, but it covers the whole plot and a number of sub-plots. The query captures the essence of the story. Both will be a good guide as far as getting a second and third draft done, and maybe in the meantime I can get some traction on submitting the book to agents and publishers.

Breaking everything down has been very helpful and goes a long way to helping me realize that the story is actually coherent, with a plot and everything. One of the biggest things to help me out was reading episode synopses for Mad Men episodes. It’s still weird for me to write a story that doesn’t involve dragons or swordfights.

I suspect the next book will be a little easier since I have a better idea of plotting and how I want the story to be laid out. Yes, I’ve already got another idea in the works for the next book. It’s the same world, just a different theme and earlier in the main character’s life.

Though a part of me kinda wants to go back to the fantasy world I was working in for years. I think this book took precedence just because it was a story demanding to be told. It’s an important story too. I just hope it picked the right person to tell it.

Today, April 28th, my daughter Honour (or whatever she is calling herself these days) turns 19. I haven’t seen her since Sept. 17, 2018. I miss all those times she climbed up the sides of mountains and rock walls in dresses. Hearing that pure voice singing in her room. I miss all those nights driving and singing to Mix #2. All those days she drew and drew and drew on the iPad. I don’t miss watching her destroy herself. I miss the hell out of her every day, but I hope she has found peace. Grandma and Grandpa miss her too. I hope she can go out on her own and find a full and rewarding life.

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