Like the Gambler says, You’ve got to know when to hold ’em…

Today my plan for the entire day was to work on edits for the book, which I still haven’t done and it’s nearly 9pm. I did, instead, write some copy. This time it was about Relative Feed Values in alfalfa hay. Not that anyone should be told this, but farming is about as steeped in math and science as neurosurgery. You wouldn’t believe all the factors and testing and science they use to come up with RFV in hay.

After completing that assignment, I picked up another one. This one was about neurosurgery. The bummer is when I hit the “accept assignment” button, I realized that it was due in about seven hours. I had been hoping to line up some deadlined assigments for a few days out, because after researching Dry Matter Intake, Acid Detergent Fiber, and Total Digested Nutrient, and Neutral Detergent Fiber percentages for two hours, I was fried. Only to have benign menignomas tumor prognoses staring me in the face.

I got some snacks to refuel my brain. I started an outline, and then I took a nap. When I woke up, I tried to sit down and work on the 1000 words talking about brain tumors and after three days of writing my ass off on a variety of topics, from aerospace fuselage coatings to junk hauling services, I think I hit the goddamn wall. I had to fold ’em, walk away. Run. I let the assignment go, even though if I had a little bit more time (and brain power left) it would have been easy money.

I have wanted to edit for two days now, but the assignments just have been jumping into the boat. My dishes are overflowing in the sink again. Tomorrow I have 1,000 words to write on rehabilitation centers. Maybe I can edit tomorrow after that is done. I never would have thought throughout all my bitching and moaning in highschool and college that most of my income would be from basically writing term paper essays.

I could go for a really good movie right now.

Right now I’m just sitting here mainlining black coffee in the hopes that I can stitch together enough synapses tonight to get some editing done. Like I’ve written about all this before, it’s about finding a balance. Apparently I have yet to figure out what that looks like.

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