After a long dry spell of writing assignments today was a good day. I picked up seven. I spent most of the day working on paid work, which gave me a sense of relief. Now, if only someone will buy any of them. That remains to be seen. I have two more that I bookmarked for tomorrow, and hopefully more will come. Though I don’t have money in the bank just yet, I have the potential for it, which is better than where I was yesterday. I was really beginning to lose hope.

I know I need to diversify my income stream, preferably with some passive income that can fill in the dry spells when the work isn’t there.

I’ve been getting quite a bit of editing done. Just the other day, I made it through several scenes. Last night when I went to bed, my moment of comfort came from the fact that I do think I am doing important work with the book, and as the man says, Resistance will meet your achievements with an equal and opposite force. Maybe the reason everything feels so bleak right now is I have something on my hands with the real potential be something great.

I just have to keep going.

I haven’t been eating all that great lately, mostly because cooking something good means catching up with dishes, which is time lost for when I should be working. Not that you are supposed to fantasize about being rich and famous, but if I ever got to the point where I was doing really well for myself, I would hire someone to come in and do dishes. Maybe cook. No laundry though, because laundry helps me think and decompress.

I did cook today. What started off as ground beef and potatoes (some kind of hash fried up with onions and garlic) turned into a weird sort of minestone soup with potatoes instead of noodles and lentils for extra protein and texture. It wasn’t bad! All it took was a can of tomatoes, chicken stock, curry powder, red chile powder, chile carribe, and oregano. Simmer until potatoes and lentils are tender. But now I have yet another sink full of dishes. I made a quick rice pilaf from scratch, with Trader Joe’s habanero crunch mixed in for flavor. Penny doesn’t like when I cook with garlic because she’s not supposed to have any (it’s not good for dogs apparently).

I had gone to bed last night with the hopes that I would spend the whole day editing so I can get at least a working copy done in the next couple of weeks, After that will be the process of writing a synopsis, query letters, and those things which writers dread. Give me a giant chunk of narrative to write and I’m happy. Tell me I have to boil 400 pages down to a two page synopsis and I’d rather pull my fingernails out with a set of pliers.

I’m not looking forward to the inevitable rejections, the waiting, the silence, the questioning if I’m good enough. Jeez, all I need is a few “Hey, you up?” texts and it will be just like I’m dating again.

That’s about all I’ve got in me for tonight. I’m just putting my thoughts down here to help me relax before I try to sleep. Listening to some of my favorite songs. Tomorrow’s another day.

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