Into the flood again, same old trip it was back then

It’s a writing post today. For now.

I’ve been editing. I am six chapters deep into the first book with a second draft. Last night I hit a chapter that put tears in my eyes. Jeez, it was beautiful. It really set the bar and because of that sometimes I wonder if I did the other chapters well enough. I guess that is what other drafts are for.

Editing is such a weird critter. I mean even if I just added up the word counts for my blog posts for this year alone, I would be at nearly 40k words. But editing is the other side of your brain. It can also be a little addictive. Addicting? Either way. It’s reading critically, but it is also keeping an eye fixed on the horizon with the narrative. And dealing with little things like efficiency of words, active and passive voice. And in my case, using that machete to clear out a lot of stuff that you like, but doesn’t matter. Sometimes as I edit, I get ideas for new scenes and chapters later on.

I’ve discovered a lot of empty expressions, such as “There was…”

The bummer is that it is a little…boring. So it takes a lot to keep my butt in the chair so I can actually read through something with fresh eyes. Once I’m in the chair though, and I’m reading through, it feels good. I get a flow going. But there is also the matter of knowing that I’m not getting paid to do it. Maybe I never will, if the book doesn’t sell. There are no guarantees with being a writer. You do it because you love it. You hope it will catch on and others will also love it. There is a lot of garbage out there that seems to do well, and there’s also the best book ever written sitting in someone’s files that will never see the light of day. I hope to land someplace in the middle.

Anyway, these posts lately have been just about my only left brain outlet (right brain?–I guess all of that is bullshit anyway), which is why I have been posting so often. It’s the candy my brain gets just before it gets switched over to the other side to deal with things like sentence structure and transitive/intransitive verbs. It would be cool to just have an editor one day, but I doubt that will ever happen. You never know!

Anyway, enough stalling. I’ve got chapters to edit. Which isn’t fun for someone who constantly second-guesses himself all the time.

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