The scorpion and the frog

Ever hear the parable about the scorpion and the frog?

I’ve learned recently that a lot of us are true to our nature. Maybe we are the scorpion. Maybe we are the frog. I’m learning my own nature as a writer, and it’s not nice sometimes. There are days I’m more scorpion.

As you go through life, you are left with nothing but memories and stories are the only place to put them.

Good, bad. Bittersweet. Heartwarming. My nature doesn’t always mean I’m a lot of fun to be around. And trust me when I say that I write with a pen dipped in Hell.

One thought on “The scorpion and the frog

  1. I like it! Everybody seems to think writers are this way and not that. I have found since I started writing, people think I’m some other person. I still am who I am, just the thoughts that I used to hold in my head are now spilling out in my post. Thanks so much for this great insight.

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