Progress today

I’m going to talk about all the stuff I did today, just for reference purposes. Because damn, some of it has been like pulling teeth. It was a day that things were achieved.

This morning I wrote copy for a photographer. Hopefully it sells. Then I gave the dog a bath. She hasn’t had one in about a year, since we were at the beach in Oregon. Today was the final straw when I accidentally drizzled her in pork chop blood.

Afterwards, I took few photos on Main Street (I guess I was inspired by the content I had to write earlier). It was chilly, but the weather is warming up and we had some beautiful blue skies. So of course I did mostly black and white. I’m trying to get the hang of depth of field and focus and forced perspective. So, pretty much half of photography. I’m hoping it helps with travel writing.

I got an aura in my left eye so I took a nap to see if I could shake a possible migraine. I don’t get them often, but they happen.

After I woke up, I wrote three more posts for another client. They were shorter posts, only about 300 words each, which was like pulling teeth. Sometimes it’s easier to write one post for 1100 words than it is to write smaller posts. The amount of research is usually the same, and for me, the output is just about the same. The difference is the return of investment. Why write three posts for half the pay when it takes as long as writing something longer? The answer is that sometimes you have to write the small posts because there aren’t always bigger jobs.

The bummer is everything is on spec, which means none of them are guaranteed to sell. It’s the risk you take as a freelancer, but it still beats the hell out of sitting in an office all day watching the clock tick away the moments of your life. I don’t miss working for the university at all. The amount of fuckery and ineptitude going on there was staggering. The only good thing about it was the regular paychecks that came in. Granted I could (and did) get 90% of everything I needed to do for the week in the last half hour of work on a Friday afternoon when everyone was gone.

So, I finished the posts. And now I’m mentally shifting gears, drinking some coffee at 9pm, and going into edits for the book. I got chapter one done of the second draft the other day, so it is moving along.

Anyway, here are some photos I took this afternoon. I’m off to do some editing!

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