I have written a lot of words today.

I could have broken 10,000 words today. I’m not sure. I’ve been working on the book most of the day. I took a nap at one point and watched Vox Machina on Amazon for a little while. It was a fun distraction. Made pasta for dinner. Then made coffee and started writing again at 10:00pm.

I’m finding that I’m rewriting chapters and scenes and not even realizing it sometimes, but I am cleaning things up. I’m connecting the dots between scenes and building something of a story. It’s pretty exciting.

Whenever I don’t want to write, I just flip through the War of Art by Pressfield and I get motivated. It’s a great way to overcome that hurdle of Resistance. This story wants to be told. I think in some ways it wants to be told so I can get on with my life and not have to keep telling it. It sometimes sucks to tell it because there is a lot of emotional damage. But in telling it sometimes, it is cathartic.

The coffee is wearing off and I can hear Penny snoring in my chair. I’m going to head to bed.

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