Who Do You Want to be Today?

Every morning, we wake up and have the chance to be whoever we want. Even if it is just small changes in the course of where we are headed. Today, I woke up and looked at my long list of assignments that are due throughout the week. Today, I know what I’m doing.

Today, I know what I am working towards.

Today, I know what I don’t want.

That’s actually quite a lot to have in your toolbox. Some days you might only have a set of tweezers and a blowtorch in there. Today, I’ve got hammers and wrenches and screwdrivers and chop saws and tape measures and levels and squares and all sorts of goodies. Metaphorically speaking of course. I have all of that stuff in real life too, but I don’t feel like working on the house today.

I also have a sink full of dishes. That needs to be taken care of too.

I guess what I’m trying to say is I have goals, and today I have some ambition (and coffee) to work towards those goals. It’s a pretty exciting time in my life, I’m not gonna lie.

Goals are different than dreams. I still like to daydream, but that just gives me that excited feeling in my chest to kick my butt out of bed and start working towards something. The goal is less ephemereal. Goals are like goals in hockey. You know you can score points by hitting your goal. The Dream is the Stanley Cup.

See what I’m saying?

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