What if

When I face moments of stress, it’s not hard to find myself slipping into a negative place. What ifs are a great way to stop a good day dead in its tracks. Today I decided to work on my book. The last three days has been dedicated to paid work, which is nice and all, but I need to fill my heart with something that fuels my soul. So, like a star cluster forming, I’m letting the dust and particles and plasma gather and form into the idea I want to ignite into the story today. One way to do this is to write my thoughts down and carry myself forward with the momentum.

The what ifs I face lately are stressful and enough to just throw a bucket of ice water on the whole creative process. They might be enough to tell me that instead of giving my brain a break, I need to recharge, otherwise the work I do will be sloppy and I’ll spend the next couple days doing rewrites. You have to pace yourself.

It’s not hard to manifest the negative. What if my book sucks? What if I am fooling myself? What if I’m everything my detractors say I am? A dreamer with no talent, a dillitante, a bum, a loser? What if I’m no longer living where I am in a year because everything has fallen to pieces? What if I’m not worthy of so many things. It is so easy to manifest all of these negative thoughts. On the other hand, what we look for to make these thoughts some kind of self-fulfilling prophesy can be worked the other way as well.

What if I continue to work hard and get better at what I do? What if I take risks? What if I keep my heart open? What if I seek out opportunities to improve myself? What if I am exactly where I need to be at this moment in my life so I can finally make that push to take myself to the next level? What if I detatch myself from the white noise of social media and feel that sting of loneliness a little more often because I am building something great for myself, and it deserves my full attention? That the number of “likes” you take that whole half second to give or receive from somebody else isn’t filling your buckets. That finishing a scene, or a chapter, isn’t so short-lived as that micro-dose of dopamine you get from social media. That I can sleep a full night or feel amazing for at least a day knowing that I accomplished another step in the direction I can sometimes see like land on the horizon.

What if all the stuff I’ve ever wanted is within arms reach? What if I will find the freedom to go where I want? What if I can have that library with the big comfy leather chairs that I keep liking on Pinterest instead of just daydreaming about them? What if I can do what I love and feel like I’m cheating the system because whoever heard of doing what they love and getting paid for it?! What if you can manifest all the good things just as easily as the bad?

Anyway, the cosmic dust has collected. Time to throw a match into the whole thing and watch it explode.

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