Don’t Count Your Blessings

Everyone always says “Count your blessings.” I don’t agree. If we keep an inventory of our blessings, we risk becoming hoarders. Blessings are things that are shared. If we hold onto them, and count them, we aren’t sharing them. I think we should know that we are blessed and show gratitude for being blessed.

This holiday season has been hard, I’m not going to sugar coat it. We had so many plans. Plans that might never come to fruition. But it isn’t about me. It’s about my son, my family, and everyone else whose light touches our lives. It’s about being that light in the dark even if you are just down to a spark, because this time of year, the nights are long and cold.

If I focus on what I don’t have this season, the list is long. And if I focus on what I do have, I run the risk of holding onto it too tightly. If anything the last couple of years has shown us, it is how everything can change so quickly.

So, this year, I’m just going to be grateful. I’m not counting anything. Because my blessings, in spite of the hardships, are beyond number. Though I won’t be seeing my son this holiday, I can still feel his love for me out there. We are both still fighting the good fight. Thank you everyone for your support and kind words.

Have a happy holiday, Merry Christmas, and squeeze your loved ones just a little bit harder this year for me if you would. Just don’t make it weird for them.

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