If It Ain’t Broke…

People always wonder why men (and women) are reluctant to go to the doctor. I recently had my yearly checkup and got a call today that they wanted to discuss some of my bloodwork, particularly my cholesterol. I can hardly wait.

The last time I had a checkup, they told me my cholesterol was high, but considering my blood pressure being really good, there was no need to talk about putting me on a reducer like Lipitor or something. Fast forward to a year and a half later of sitting on my ass because of lockdowns, this was almost comically expected.

I’m sure it has been high. And my BP has been high. Well, I’m under plenty of stress.

So, spoiler alert, I’m going to nod and smile and say “Let’s wait and see” regarding meds, because honestly I’m not sold on trusting the science there just yet. What wouldn’t kill me is to get out and walk once in a while. Or ride my bike. Or just not be in the house all day long.

Maybe my reluctance to become dependent on a medication that insurance can be fickle about paying for is a factor. Or maybe it’s that I refuse to believe that my arteries are clogged like I-25 during a Broncos game, because I’m not old! Not yet anyway. Granted I have two pairs of glasses now (one for reading and one for driving) because I was not going to go gently into that good night with bifocals. I’ll just buy pants with more pockets to haul around three pairs of glasses.

This is why people don’t go to the doctor. Because they are just going to tell you that something is worn out or you need to throw pills at it. I’m not a fan of this getting older shit.

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