I’ve got (weird) dreams to remember

I took a Zyrtec last night before bed, and I sometimes forget the weird dreams I get when I do this. This morning I woke up laughing (in my dream) because of the odd twists and turns this dream took.

I was in Ft. Collins in a newly gentrified part of town, walking, and decided to stop and sit at a bench. It was in front of a place that had several eateries and other things to do, and one in particular made its specialty eggs. Because I was sitting in a certain bench/table, people from the neighborhood began to gather with me because they assumed the town meeting (for the neighborhood) was about to take place. One citizen decided to strike up a conversation with me about how one of the shops was a problem because they made prison shanks for people. He complained about how he had been shanked just last week and started lifting up his shirt to show me proof. I told him that wasn’t necessary.

When a lot of townspeople had gathered, with a full color guard of the town leaders and a band, standing up front, everyone stood to attention. I began reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, but then by the time I was done, I understood that we were all supposed to sing the National Anthem. Nobody could remember any of the words. At least not all of them at once. Shortly after the bars about the ramparts red glare, everyone switched into Joy to the World because it sounded close enough. I was falling to the floor laughing and people were looking at me like “Dude, stand up. It’s the National Anthem!”

I woke up. Checked out my social media accounts. Let the dog out. Sat down to write this. Next is coffee. Maybe some yogurt.

Today is Halloween. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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