I didn’t get a lot written yesterday, per se. But what I lacked in volume (around 1,000 words) I made up for in productivity. You see, I read through a lot of my scenes and files and sat down and actually outlined a plot for the book! I have a working plot now! And I also have an idea for an ending! Now it’s just a matter of connecting the dots, which I plan to do today.

I’m not sure when I’ll have a first draft down, but it will be happening hopefully within the next few months. That is the biggest problem with writing a book is it’s a long game. And once I’m done with the draft, I have to go back through it over and over again. Then I can try to pitch it to agents/publishers/etc. But right now I’m just writing it for the joy of the story.

I like where the story is headed right now. If I can stop arguing with people on Facebook, then sure, I’ll have a working copy soon.

That’s it for now. I’ve got work to do!

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