Using photography as an excuse to travel

New post is up at This one talks about trying to figure out my new to me camera and using photography as an excuse to get out and go places. Here’s the link!

4 thoughts on “Using photography as an excuse to travel

  1. Joss Wheadon once said, “Write it, shoot it, publish it, crochet it, saute it, whatever. MAKE.” So glad to see you are making and shooting what is around you.
    Absolutely had to agree with many of your words. I used to live with a 110 camera in my hand and yes, I never ever knew how a photo was going to turn out! I recall going to Korea and eking out my shots, holding my breath, and praying the picture would be worthwhile!!!! And fishing. If one drinks and fishes, hoping they manage to stay upright in the boat, on the river, in their waders! I like fish, but am a bit of a weenie in strength. So, leave it to others with more heft in their arms!!

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