Over the last year, I am sure most of us have experienced our own absurd experiences, the likes of which would make Kafka blush.

My run-ins with the Department of Unemployment being one of those. I was laid off during the beginning of COVID, but because they were shitcanning all of us anyway (to make room for pay increases for upper management and professors probably) I didn’t get that extra $600 per week everyone else got to sweeten the pot.

But because I got my vacation pay, unemployement disqualified me for two weeks and sent me a vague letter about how I had violated the agreement. I believe the word “Fraud” was used. My checks started again two days before the appeals hearing.

Four months later, my unemployment was completely shut off. This happened right when they “Upgraded” the website. And when I changed my address. There must have been some glitch, so I called.

I waited for literally hours to try to speak to someone. The number I called said that they would schedule a callback and that I needed to choose from the options when that would be. Then it hung up. Without assigning any kind of callback. I tried another phone number and waited for some more hours. When I got ahold of someone, they said they were just for COVID unemployment and that I should call the other number. Before they could hang up, I asked them to check my information. Which they did and informed me that everything looked fine and didn’t know why I was discontinued. Then they hung up.

The next several times I called either number after that, a recorded message came on saying that due to high call volumes my call couldn’t be completed. And then I was just trying to get my 1099 so I could do my taxes.

So, I stopped calling.

Fast forward three months.

Today, I got a letter from the IRS informing me that my stimulus payment had been sent to direct deposit. Of course they sent it to the bank I was using last year. Since then, I have switched banks and also moved. I checked the website to see how to rectify the situation and it told me that any changes could be made when I filed my taxes.

Well, I couldn’t file my taxes as soon as usual because Colorado Unemployment never sent me a 1099. Actually, they had no 1099 on record for me, so I had to wait two months to file. It was rejected, because of course (redacted). Divorce is the gift that keeps on giving. So I had to mail it.

The website also says that mailed in 1040s will be delayed due to COVID. Which means even changing my address will be delayed for probably another month at the IRS.

So, that means that the direct deposit will bounce and when the IRS decides to cut me a check, I am at the mercy of the USPS to forward my mail to me at the old address, because even though we live in the 21st Century, I can’t just change my info online the way I could Amazon.com or anywhere else. So, I can expect a three week delay on the stimmy check to be issued and probably another two weeks on top of that to have my mail forwarded, that is if they decide to forward it.

Ironically, when I used the “Get my payment” feature, I verified my identity with my new address. Which the IRS doesn’t have on file because the letter notifying me of Direct Deposit was forwarded from my old address, post marked a couple weeks ago.

Btw, my 1099 showed up from Unemployment via the USPS on March 13. So I’ll probably have to refile because of that anyway.

Funny that I can take a picture of a check and deposit it to my bank or scan a code and get a menu and PAY THE CHECK using my phone at a restaurant, but I have to rely on this mess from my own government.

We are living in the future!

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