Moving forward

The site is back!

Now that life has returned to “New Normal,” I can post here again.

It’s nearly midnight as I type these words. I’m exhausted today from a variety of things and I’m probably too tired to work on the book right now. I find myself trying to catch up again, slowly, but some of the things I was so passionate writing about have faded. What I get down about those times feel almost like they belong to a different time. Maybe that’s the point of this story, to document an era that slipped through our fingers just as it was getting good.

This year has been hard on everyone, I won’t even belabor that point. It’s just a fact. We know it, for global, local, and personal reasons that have affected everyone.

Maybe this book is more than I had thought it would be. Maybe there is another purpose to it. A need to document the end of an era that began in the 1990s and will fade out in the next few years as my generation takes its place in the halls of nostalgia, replaced maybe before the Boomers are by the self-aggrandizing Millennials and the Z’s who have suppassed every other generation on their dependence of electronics.

We are truly another Lost Generation. We were branded X before we even came into our own, X being the unidentified, the Other, the Unknown variable. In taste tests, it was always Brand X against the name brand. There are so many things I enjoyed about the last few decades, which somehow just bled into what we know now. A time that is lonely, sad, and sanitized for your protection.

Say what you will about the election, but we are no longer represented. We are ruled by dinosaurs of bureaucrats who have divided us for political and personal gain. On both party lines. Growing up, I heard that the Revolution Will Not Be Televised. It won’t be. It wasn’t. Maybe it has already been fought and won, and one of these days they will let us know who we are again.

It’s great books that help us identify with an era. Not saying mine will be that, but it couldn’t hurt to put my hat in the ring.

In the meantime, I just write down things that happened, or should have happened, and they will encapsulate what was going on for someone else down the road to read. I hope it is at least interesting. My chances of being published are probably close to zero, but my enjoyment of putting the words down is much, much higher.

This site is going to be a reference to what was going on at the time, so I can come back to it later. If you enjoy what you see here, please hit that like button and share it with someone.

The challenges of small humans

My son isn’t as small as he used to be, but he’s still little. Things that are important to him are TV shows, Among Us, video games, snacks, his friends, and informing me of every minute detail in his life as it happens. Usually abruptly and without warning. Hugs. He is a big fan of hugs.

So when I try to work on something in my home office throughout the day, on the weeks he is with me, I usually get most of the work done after he has gone to bed. This is why I have such a weird schedule that is alien to most of the rest of the population. At night, without constant interruption, either from my son or anybody else, I can get something done.

Today, he is playing Among Us, which is basically the party game, Mafia, which is a little bit like clue only you already know who the murderer is and it’s cute little animated astronauts who also have to do other tasks. The drawback to the game is it allows a bunch of homebound ten year olds to play together online, and they spend most of the time picking on each other and ganging up on each other. The stuff that comes out of these kids’ mouths too. It’s like every jerk from a YouTube comments section decided to play a video game together.

Every five or ten minutes he expresses his outrage in his outside voice so I am sure to know exactly how unfair everyone in the game is being. Sometimes he gets so worked up he starts crying, at which point, I tell him to sort himself out. Either turn off the device, or don’t cry about it. It’s a process.

The whole thing is very distracting.

I still miss the hell out of him when he isn’t here though.