I think today was Tuesday.

I got up early and my son and I took a ten mile bike ride. We had a lot of fun, but we are saddle sore. I might post about it on the neglected travelblog site tomorrow. The afternoon was spent refueling ourselves with Red Robin burgers and a nap. The weather was beautiful all day today, never rising above 80 degrees.

I binged Undone on Amazon Prime today too, which was an excellent series, shot in rotoscope, so it’s more like a cartoon with a lot of detail than a live-action or animated show. Interesting. Compelling characters. Some sad and some laugh out loud moments.

We cleaned the house and I sat down to read some more “Wild” but wound up putting it down to write. I dropped about 1600 words on the novel. These were hard words to get down, but they finally are on the page.

Lately I’ve been having a moral dillemna about what to write. I’m sure some won’t be happy with the story I have to tell, since they could easily see themselves in it. But these are the stories I have. I feel like they are the results of mental photographs I have taken throughout my life, only these images have been driving me crazy and the only way to quiet them is to write them down.

Today was Tuesday. Unlike the Tuesday that I wrote about, which was nothing more than a Groundhog Day of repetition and numb descent into mundaety, today was vastly different. I got to spend time with my son. I got things done. Now I am tired and hoping to sleep.