Some changes

Over the last year, my efforts to do my travelblog have been hard and other than the writing and some of the feedback I get, not especially rewarding.  I’m thinking of leaving the webhosting service that I currently use, which gets no love on Google, and just keeping my URL and writing here on my service.

Keeping a dedicated site that gets no hits for $200+ per year is not worth the effort.  Not when there are free services.  I mean, hey, they don’t monetize, but neither does my site. Also, my independent site messes up photos, makes everything too big, and isn’t very user friendly.

So, fuck it.

If anyone has suggestions or reasons why I shouldn’t just move everything to a free site, please feel free to let me know.  The blog has been the most frustrating part of this whole process.  Not the writing.  Just the service.  I am not a fan.

One thought on “Some changes

  1. I’ve dabbled in blogs in a lot of different places. Some are just over rated social media sites, others are pretty interesting with more bells and whistles than a new hopped up car, and some are fairly simple. I’ve not paid to use any of them, I’m too cheap! I tend to prefer free WP-I actually have a couple on WP! I do know this one can and will ‘travel’. A best friend was in Dubai and had to move all her things to WP cuz Blogspot wasn’t supported in that country at that time. She’s been in a couple places there and is now in China and may end up back in the US soon. (living the travel channel)

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