Getting out more at Coyote Ridge

Here is the link for today’s post at  In which I talk about a typical busy Saturday with my son.  These are the kinds of days kids will always remember.

Enjoy! And have a great Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Getting out more at Coyote Ridge

  1. “..these movies will be his Star Wars.” Nutshell. Perfect phrasing. I do hope they don’t get remade, though.
    Enjoyed this post. Reminded me of ages past when I was the den leader/Cub Master on hikes. Except our dens weren’t well behaved. One hike I recall, a couple of them hid and freaked out parents. Another one my son, covered in bandaids, recycled a few for new scrapes. I didn’t do the Boy Scout stuff, just Cubs. Although, I also remember times when the boys didn’t want to go with me cuz I can get lost on a straight line! lol Fun fun fun!!

    1. Sounds like you had your share of adventures with your den. I wasn’t ever in Cubs, but I was a Boy Scout. We were more like a paramilitary organization. The Dirty Dozen of the BSA as it were. Never wore uniforms. Always knew where to scrounge for food and matches at camp. I got my son into Cub Scouts so he could do something that didn’t involve kicking a ball. Scouting probably saved my life more than I would like to think.

      Thanks for reading, and Thank you for sharing your story!!

      1. That is EXACTLY what my oldest has said more than once. Scouting saved his life in a million different ways. Both boys did scouts from Tiger to Eagle. I’m glad I left the older boys to others. (remembering the camping trip the troop went on where they attempted to ‘fish’ a 100$ bill from a porta potty…..they didn’t succeed, thankfully!)

  2. Ewwwwww!

    I made Eagle myself. Squeaked in just at my 18th birthday too! It’s funny sometimes. I have talked with parents who are involved in Scouting and sometimes they are military, sometimes they have really lucrative careers, and they look at me…differently when they find out I made Eagle. Like with respect. It’s just strange, considering.

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