Getting out more at Coyote Ridge

Here is the link for today’s post at  In which I talk about a typical busy Saturday with my son.  These are the kinds of days kids will always remember.

Enjoy! And have a great Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “Getting out more at Coyote Ridge

  1. “..these movies will be his Star Wars.” Nutshell. Perfect phrasing. I do hope they don’t get remade, though.
    Enjoyed this post. Reminded me of ages past when I was the den leader/Cub Master on hikes. Except our dens weren’t well behaved. One hike I recall, a couple of them hid and freaked out parents. Another one my son, covered in bandaids, recycled a few for new scrapes. I didn’t do the Boy Scout stuff, just Cubs. Although, I also remember times when the boys didn’t want to go with me cuz I can get lost on a straight line! lol Fun fun fun!!

    • Sounds like you had your share of adventures with your den. I wasn’t ever in Cubs, but I was a Boy Scout. We were more like a paramilitary organization. The Dirty Dozen of the BSA as it were. Never wore uniforms. Always knew where to scrounge for food and matches at camp. I got my son into Cub Scouts so he could do something that didn’t involve kicking a ball. Scouting probably saved my life more than I would like to think.

      Thanks for reading, and Thank you for sharing your story!!

      • That is EXACTLY what my oldest has said more than once. Scouting saved his life in a million different ways. Both boys did scouts from Tiger to Eagle. I’m glad I left the older boys to others. (remembering the camping trip the troop went on where they attempted to ‘fish’ a 100$ bill from a porta potty…..they didn’t succeed, thankfully!)

  2. Ewwwwww!

    I made Eagle myself. Squeaked in just at my 18th birthday too! It’s funny sometimes. I have talked with parents who are involved in Scouting and sometimes they are military, sometimes they have really lucrative careers, and they look at me…differently when they find out I made Eagle. Like with respect. It’s just strange, considering.

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