Making Progress (?)

The new website is still stalled.  Anytime I try working on it, I get some error telling me my IP address has been blocked by the firewall.  This is after two or three failed attempts to login, which turn into the black hole of resetting my password.  Then customer service with the hosting service just sends back a cursory “It’s fixed, try it now!” which is the equivalent of helping your dad work on the car and he yells out from under the hood “Okay, turn it over!” and then nothing happens.

I have been using WordPress to blog for a while.  LiveJournal before that.  And I am the guy who makes changes on the website for work.  But for the life of me, I cannot get this to work.  It is frustrating.  I am losing time I could be writing with fiddling around with authentications, email proxys, and DNS errors.

When people say, “Hey, Danger Harris!  Why don’t you work in IT?”  I have two responses to them.

First of all, “Danger” is my middle name.

And second, I don’t like the alphabet soup of IT.  Even the name of the profession is an abbreviated version we are forced to say.  I personally take offense at this.  I am a writer.  I write entire words (mostly) and sometimes I even make up words and slip them into the conversation.

Recently, I was commended on my invention of the word “Canadia.”  It means the same thing as Canada, but it is much more majestic.  One could say it is the most majesticalest.

But I digress.

Anyway, there are delays, but I haven’t given up hope. I have an entire week to work on the website and hopefully I can really get it going.  I might stick to more personal posts here or writing posts.  But the travel and adventure stuff is going to be at the new site.  Rest assured, I will promote the hell out of that.

It simply beats the idea of sitting around here at the dayjob, (which is not as sexy as it sounds) waiting for the day when my neck is on the chopping block.  They are laying off lower level admins.  Because cutting eleven jobs for people who make under $50k per year is going to fix a $10m per year deficit.  While the upper administrators who caused this mess all still have jobs and just happen to be the people who were at the helm for the last ten years, driving the ship straight into the iceberg.

When people caution me about leaving this place because of my retirement, I am reminded that the decision to stay won’t always be mine.  One day, like a couple friends of mine, I could get dismissed without warning and I would be in the same situation anyway.  Being let go is a lot more emotionally taxing than leaving.  The difference is control.  Would you rather be pushed into the swimming pool or dive in?

The end result is the same.  Uncharted territory.  Working on my own to build a business.  Maybe I will have success.  Maybe I won’t.  But I take the words of the Great One to heart.  “You miss 100% of every shot you don’t take.”  –Gretsky.

What I know is I can write.  I can observe.  I truly enjoy new experiences.  And I am young enough to be able to pull this off.

Ironically (to bash the dayjob) I am usually passed over for simple editing tasks or writing memos.  Because reasons.  The amount of condescension around here is enough to make me aspirate. (I’ll give you a minute.  Just flexing on my $5 words).  I write copy for companies that pay the company I write for around three times the amount they pay me for each of my assignments.  Why not work for myself?  It could be the greatest thing I’ve ever done for my writing career.

So, onward. Upward.  Everword.  TTFN.

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