Marijuana: Paying attention and having new experiences

Paying attention and having new experiences is key to writing.  Whether it is travel, fiction, technical documents, or writing copy for a company website, the command of the English language is really secondary to just keeping your eyes and ears open.

Last summer, my aunt came to town.  In Washington where she lives–and Colorado, where I live–marijuana is legal.  She uses it instead of opioids to manage the pain several surgeries throughout her life, from scoliosis as a child to joint repair and replacement.  I got the recommendation of a local dispensary from a friend who manages her pain similarly and has been opioid free for years now.

I won’t get on my soapbox about how there are people rotting in jail right now who were caught with a bag of weed, while soccer moms careen through neighborhoods in 3 ton minivans while doped up to the gills on Vicodin–but there you have it.  Maybe that is for another discussion.

Anyway, my first trip to the dispensary was informative.  The “Budtender” as they are called, knew everything about the products, from marijuana leaf varieties to resins, edibles, drinkables, gummies, their effects, their dosage, administering them, etc.  Unlike the giggling stoner of the last century, or the really scary guy with the long hair and jean jacket, the workers at the dispensary were accommodating, friendly, and  made us feel comfortable the whole time.  My aunt got her hook up and I got to check another thing off my list of new experiences.

The idea of a marijuana dispensary is still the subject of controversy throughout our country.  Even when doctors prescribe a lot worse every day.  Maybe my next article should be how school kids are hooked on Ritalin from the second grade onward.

Just last week, I took my mom to the same dispensary.  We were on the search for a cream that would help my dad with pain in his feet.  After having our ID’s checked three times, the Budtender quickly suggested a product with CBD and THC components for topical pain.

My dad used it.  Said it worked great.  And no, he didn’t get high or have the munchies afterwards.  He’s about as straight laced as they come, and it’s good to know that there are ways he can control his pain without having to be high all the time.

The cool thing is recently I wrote a few articles for an online cannabis dispensary site and from just two experiences, I have sold two articles for them already.  Just from keeping my eyes and ears open.  The writing is secondary to that, since you have to find a voice and hone your skills with language.  But anybody can write something, and sometimes people who can’t write well, equipped with the right research and information, can compensate for that little detail when it comes to having something good to write badly about.

Or at least something interesting other people will pay for.

And how about that title?  Did it get your attention?  😉   –C

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